Privacy Policy


This document states the privacy policy of the Seaford Karate Club web site, and its owners, in regards to the data collected and stored in association with the said web site.

  1. The email addresses of people who contact 'Seaford Karate Club' via email will be kept, for a short period of time, after the last email message received from that person on a local, private hard drive. This period will vary according to the cycle of periodic 'spring cleaning' of the contacts list. This list shall only be used to facilitate dialogue between the contact and the club.
  2. The data collected by 'Seaford Karate Club' shall be handled with the strictest confidence and shall not be passed on to third parties without prior consent.
  3. If you would like to know if the owners are currently storing any data about yourself you may ask by email or letter. The club will inform you of what type of information is stored but not the specifics, i.e. if we have an email address for you but no details of the address itself. This is to insure your details are kept from illegitamate inquiries.
  4. You may ask for any data kept by the owners about yourself to be removed. This data will be usually be removed a short time after you receive a letter or email from the club informing you that the data is about to be removed. This again is to insure against false requests. In exceptional circumstances the data will not be removed at your request. These circumstances include the use of data to assist the club in the defence of any legal challenge by any person, body or institution. Or, under requirement of law, by a legitimate authority and/or by court order etc.
  5. Any change to the above policy will be announced openly on the web site prior to any change. Seaford Karate Club will endeavour to insure, as far as practical, that persons affected by any change to this policy will be informed well in advance any said change.