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-- Sensei Martin 'The Demon' Dean 5th Dan --

Sensei Martin DeanMartin Dean joined Seaford Karate Club in 1985, at the age of 14, and started training in Shotokan karate under Sensei Steve Earl (3rd Dan) at the Rugby Club hall at the Salts recreation ground in Seaford. Sensei Earl was then the A.S.K.A. Openweight Kumite champion and inspired Martin to take his training very seriously. Sensei Earl was to remain his instructor for the next 14 years, guiding him to black belt in 1989 at the C&L Leisure Centre in Southall, London, at the age of 18, under the Association's Senior Instructors Jack Warner 6th Dan, Balwant Singh Sahans 6th Dan and Dan Bradley 5th Dan, and laying the foundations for a traditional and sport karateka.

In 1991 Martin won the A.S.K.A. -21 Heavyweight Championship and was narrowly defeated (0-1) by Paul Alderson (World openweight champion) at the British Karate Championships (B.K.F.) at Crystal Palace. The same year he went on to pass his Nidan (2nd Dan) grading at Seaford. Since then Martin has been fortunate enough to represent A.S.K.A. on seven Internationals abroad, including Iceland '91, Ireland '93, Jersey '94, Malta '95, Estonia '97, Portugal 2000 and Las Vegas 2002. At the A.S.K.A. National Championships Martin has won Gold medals in all four senior events including individual Kata (x6), individual Kumite (x5), team Kata and team Kumite (x3). At international level he has won Gold and bronze in Individual Kata (Estonia & Ireland respectively) and a Silver medal in the individual Men's Openweight Kumite in Estonia.
Outside of A.S.K.A. Martin has won 19 Open Championships, E.K.G.B. Silver medal in kata (only losing to Jonathan Mottram, Ishinryu, on Eurosport), B.K.F. Bronze medal in Team kata, and two World titles, including the F.S.K.A. World Team Kumite title 2000 in Portugal and the F.S.K.A. World Light Middleweight Kumite Gold medal in Las Vegas 2002. Martin has defeated the British all-styles kata champion (Chris Spurgeon, AMA) at the E.K.G.B. Championships, and also defeated the 5 time Scottish and British all-styles middleweight champion (Neil Farquhar 4-1) at the English International Karate Open championships. Martin trained and fought at the E.K.G.B. England squads from 1991 to 1997 alongside England's best fighters and has been taught by instructors including Ticky Donovan OBE, Dave Hazard, Tim Stephens, Wayne Otto, Vic Charles MBE and Abdu Shahar. At open courses he has trained in Kata bunkai (Oyo) under Sensei Simon Oliver.

In 1995 Martin passed his Sandan (3rd Dan) grade at Featherstone School, Southall, London. As well as competition he has attended many open courses under some of the worlds most renowed Japanese instructors including Shihan H. Kanazawa 10th Dan, K. Funakoshi 9th Dan, M. Kawasoe, S. Sugimoto, and M. Murakami. Martin has also attended many A.S.K.A. open courses incl. Sensei Terry O'Neill & Sensei Shinja Akita and has been an instructor on the A.S.K.A. Summer course twice, passing on the knowledge that he has gained from these teachers.

Martin has represented A.S.K.A. in France whilst training with Helen Raye (Ishinryu and EKU European Kata Champion) at the Michael Milon (3x W.K.F. World Kata Champion) week long Kata course and has also trained with French legend Dominique Valera. He has attended a weapons training Bo Jutsu course under Sensei Phillip Koeppel 9th Dan Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu from America where he studied Chi Ken No Bo Kata and pressure points and also basic courses on nunchuka, jo and sai. More recently he hosted a one day weapons course with one of the worlds leading weapons experts Sensei Julian Mead 6th Dan where he studied bo jutsu.

In 1999 when Sensei Earl (5th Dan) left Seaford Karate Club, Sensei Martin, at only 28 years old, was then appointed Senior Instructor and went on to pass 4th Dan under Sensei Jack Warner. Sensei Martin is currently on the A.S.K.A. executive committee as the Press and Publicity Officer, Southern Area Representative, and Southern Area Kata Coach.

Seaford Karate Club are proud to be lifelong members of the Amateur Shotokan Karate Association (A.S.K.A.) since being formed in 1978 by Sensei Steve Earl.

Future development in relation to Karate:

My personal future development will see me continue to attend a variety of courses from senior instructors and pass on the knowledge to my students. As my competition career reduces I aim to concentrate on coaching and making a success of my students.

Seaford Karate club is growing steadily and as my black belts gain experience I can ensure my students receive better teaching from more personal tuition. I intend to continue as the association's Press and Publicity Officer and represent A.S.K.A. on the South Coast, while encouraging my senior student to open club's and improve their teaching ability.

Personal Profile

Honours -

- FSKA World Light Middleweight Kumite Champion 2002
- FSKA World Team Kumite Champion 2000
- FSKA World Team Kumite Silver 2002
- FSKA World Team Kata Silver 2002
- USKK European Open Black Belt Kata Champion 2003
- FSKD Ireland Open Kata Champion 2002
- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Champion x2 1991
- ASKA Southern Area Champion 1989/90/91/92/93/94/95
- ASKA International Champion v Iceland (91), N.Ireland (93), S.Ireland (93), Scotland (93), Jersey (94), Malta (95), Estonia (96)
- ASKA National Lightweight Kumite Champion 1991/94/95/96/97
- ASKA National Senior Kata Champion 1995/96/98/99/01/02
- ASKA National Team Kata Champion 1997
- ASKA National Team Kumite Champion 1993/94/95
- ASKA vs AMA Team Kumite Champions 1995
- EKKA East Anglia Open Kata Champion 1995/96/99/01
- EKKA Grand Prix Kata Champion 1996
- EKKA Senior Kata Champion 1997
- Seishin Senior Kata Champion 1996, 2001
- Seishin Team Kumite Champions 1996
- TSKA Open Kata Champion 1997
- Bushi Te Ryu Senior Kata Champion 1994/95
- Bushi Te Ryu Team Kumite Champion 1994
- BSK Senior Kata Silver 1999
- SKO Senior Kata Champion 2001
- EKGB Senior Black Belt Kata Silver 2002
- AMA Senior Kata Silver 2002
- Ryoshin Senior Kata Silver 2002
- FEKO Senior Kata Silver 2002
- BKF Team Kata Bronze 2002

-- Sensei Sunil 'The Razor' Rajput 1st Dan --

Sensei Ivan WilsonSunil Rajput joined Seaford Karate Club back in 1995 under the instruction of the junior instructor's Dave Reed 1st Dan and then Paul Burton 3rd Dan. When he passed his brown belt Sunil started to train with the senior class under Sensei Martin Dean where he was pushed hard in all aspects of karate. In 2001 Sunil passed his Black belt (Shodan) under A.S.K.A. Chairman Jack Warner 6th Dan and Chief Instructor Colin Hexley 5th Dan and has continued his training, constantly improving his karate. To further his knowledge Sunil has trained under Sensei Simon Oliver at Kata Oyo courses at Bexhill, Sussex. His dedication to karate was recognized as he was voted Junior member of the Year in 1998 and Senior member of the year in 2000. Sunil's competition career has seen him win the S.K.C. Club championships, Seishin Invitational championships and three silver medals at the A.S.K.A. National Championships in Birmingham. Sunil has represented the A.S.K.A. National squad at the A.M.A. International Championships in Nottingham, the English International Junior Open championships in London as well as at Karate England Championships 2006 in Sheffield. Sunil assists Sensei Martin Dean teach the senior class, where his younger brother Jai now trains.

Personal Profile

Honours -

- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Champion 2004
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kata Silver 2004
- Seaford Karate Club Cadet Kumite Champion 2001
- Seaford Karate Club Cadet Kata Silver 2001
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kumite Silver 2000
- A.S.K.A. National Junior -21 Kumite runner-up 2004
- A.S.K.A. National Cadet Kumite Silver '01, '02
- A.S.K.A. National Cadet Kata Silver 2001
- Seaford v Ireland Senior Kata Silver 2002
- Seaford v Ireland Cadet Kumite Champion 2002
- Seaford v Ireland Senior Kumite Silver 2002
- Under 16 Kata Tournament Silver 2002
- Seishin Open Cadet Kata Champion 2001
- Seishin Open Cadet Kumite Silver 2001
- Junior Member of the Year Award 1998
- Senior Member of the Year Award 2000

-- Simon 'The Samurai' Lambert 1st Dan --

Sensei Simon LambertSimon first started karate back in 1988 and trained in the Seaford Junior class under Dave Reed and Sensei Steve Earl. After winning medals at the A.S.K.A. National championships and getting to brown belt he decided to retire in 1993. He came back to the club in 2004 and re-started his training from white belt under Sensei Martin Dean. Through hard training and his dedication to karate he passed his black belt in April 2009 under the A.S.K.A. panel in Birmingham. During his time he has competed all around England taking medals at many tournaments, most notably a silver medal at the F.S.K.A. World Karate Championships in 2007. Simon won the Seaford Karate Club Member of the Year Award in 2006 in the senior class and has been on courses under some of England's most reputable instructors including Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan and weapons with Julian Mead 6th Dan. In 2006 Simon Attended a self defence course with Harvinder Sagoo 6th Dan and Paul Stouchbury in London and continues to help in the club, compete in tournaments and assist Sensei Martin at all times.

Personal Profile

Honours -

- F.S.K.A. (World) Light Heavy Kumite Silver 2007
- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Champion 2005
- Seaford Karate Club Kata Champion 2005
- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Silver 2006
- Seaford Karate Club Kata Silver 2006
- Seaford Karate Club Kata Silver 2007
- Seaford Invitational Karate Championships Team Kumite Silver 2009
- E.K.K.A. Open Kata Silver 2005
- U.S.K.K. (European) Kumite Silver 2005
- K.M.A.C. Open Kumite Champion 2006
- K.M.A.C. Open Kata Champion 2006
- Ramgarhia Open Kumite Bronze 2007
- E.K.R. Kumite Champion 2008
- E.K.R. Kata Champion 2008
- A.S.K.A. (Nationals) Under 11's Kumite Bronze 1992
- Kickboxing Tournament Lewes Fighter of The Day 2008
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Member of The Year 2006

-- Sensei Steve "the Jedi" Jakes 2nd Dan --

Sensei Steve JakesSteve Jakes started his karate training back in 1984 under Sensei Paul Burton 2 nd Dan above the old Library in Eastbourne , Sussex . When Sensei Burton was forced to retire Steve made the journey over to Seaford Karate Club to train under Sensei Steve Earl 5 th Dan where he trained for four years before Sensei Earl retired. The club was handed over to Sensei Martin Dean and a year later Steve passed his Shodan black belt under A.S.K.A. Chairman Jack Warner 6 th Dan and Chief Instructor Colin Hexley 5 th Dan and he has continued his training, constantly improving his karate. His traditional training has seen him attend special courses with Sensei Seigi Sugimoto 6 th Dan in London with the Ryoshin Karate Assocation. In competition Steve has won the S.K.C. championships twice in 1999 and 2000 in kumite and represented Seaford at the A.S.K.A. National Championships in kata, kumite and team kumite winning a silver medal. In 2006 he went to Ipswich to compete against the EKKA where he won the Men's Senior Kata title. He now helps coach the Seaford squad when we go away to competitions. Sensei Steve assists with the teaching in the children's classes and his son now trains at the club, however Steve often works a long way from home and this takes him away from his own training.

Personal Profile

Honours -

- Ramgarhia Mens Team Kumite 3 rd Bronze 1984
- ASKA Southern Area Junior Championships Kata 2 nd Silver 1985
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kumite 3 rd Bronze 1996
- ASKA Male Senior Kata 3 rd Bronze 1996
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kumite 1 st GOLD 1999
- ASKA Team Kumite 3 rd Bronze 2000
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kumite 1 st GOLD 2000
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kata 2 nd Silver 2000
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kumite 3 rd Bronze 2006
- EKKA Male Senior Kata 1 st GOLD 2006

-- Sampai Angie "The Animal" Pepper 1st Dan --

Sempei Angie PepperSince Angie started training back in August 2003 she has shown tremendous dedication to her karate. Always willing to learn and improve her techniques, she tries equally hard in all aspects karate, whether it be kihon, kata or kumite. She is a regular member of the club with a great attendance record and this is reflected in her ability to successfully pass her gradings with flying colours. Angie has trained under Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi 9 th Dan at Crawley , Sussex and under the instruction of Sensei Simon Oliver 4 th Dan at Kata Oyo courses in Bexhill , Sussex . In 2005 she also attended a bo course under weapons instructor Sensei Julian Mead 6 th Dan. Her dedication to karate was recognized as she was voted Senior member of the year in 2004. In January 2006 she was asked by Sensei Martin Dean to help him teach in the junior classes as his assistant instructor and she is a much valued member of Seaford Karate Club. In competition Angie has won numerous medals at A.S.K.A. National level including three silver medals in kata and kumite at the A.S.K.A. National Championships. In 2005, as a brown belt, she won the E.K.K.A. Ladies Open Kata competition beating a 2 nd Dan on the way. Her daughter trained up to 3 rd Kyu but quit in 2004 to concentrate on her school studies

Personal Profile

Honours -

- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kata Champion 2006
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kata Bronze 2005
- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Champion 2004
- Seaford Karate Club Kumite Bronze 2003
- Seaford Karate Club Senior Kata Champion 2003
- A.S.K.A. National Ladies Senior Kumite Silver 2005
- A.S.K.A. National Ladies Senior Kata Silver 2005
- A.S.K.A. National Senior Team Kata Bronze 2005
- A.S.K.A. National Ladies Senior Kumite Bronze 2004
- A.S.K.A. National Novice Kata Silver 2003
- Ryoshin Open Ladies Kata Bronze 2004
- E.K.K.A. Open kata Bronze 2004
- U.S.K.K. ( Europe ) Open Ladies Kumite Silver 2005
- U.S.K.K. ( Europe ) Open Ladies Kata Bronze 2005
- E.K.K.A. Open Ladies Kata Gold 2005
- E.K.K.A. Open Ladies Kata Silver 2006

-- Sempai Rob 'Scratch' Allchin 1st Kyu --

Sempai Rob 'Scratch' Allchin 1st KyuSempai Rob Allchin started training at Seaford Karate Club in 1986 at the age of 16 under the instruction of Sensei Steve Earl. Rob also trained regularly in London with Sensei Balwant Singh Sahans. In 1989 he left the club after obtaining his 1st Kyu to start a family and advance his career. Rob re-joined the club in 2003 when his children, Danielle and Ben, wanted to take up Karate. Although suffering from a long term work related injury, Rob regularly trains, helps the Dan grades teach and runs the club's web site. Rob has been to many courses and has trained under many renowned instructors including Sensei Enoeda (9th Dan) and Sensei Julian Mead (6th Dan). Rob is also qualified by the Youth Sports Trust to teach sports to children.

Personal Profile

Honours -

- ASKA Southern Area Kata Champion 1987
- ASKA Southern Area Kumite Silver Medalist 1987
- ASKA Southern Area Team Kumite Bronze Medalist 1987
- Ramgarhia Kata Champion 1987
- ASKA National Kumite Champion 1987
- Seaford Karate Club Member of the Year 1987
- ASKA Southern Area Kata Champion 1988
- ASKA National Team Kumite Silver Medalist 1988
- Nationwide Anglia Team Kumite Silver Medalist 1989
- Nationwide Anglia Senior Kumite Bronze Medalist 1989
- Seaford Karate Club Kata Champion 2003

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