Frequently Asked Questions

-- Who Can Join? --

A karate kick.We accept children from about 6yrs old (depending willingness to learn) through to OAPs. All we ask is for a reasonable standard of fitness and a willingness to learn in a friendly but disciplined environment.
If you have not been involved with any energetic activities for some time or have had health problems in the past which may cause concern please consult one of the instructors or your doctor before commencing training.
Ages between 6 and 13 *usually train in the junior class with *everyone else training in the senior class. *(Allowances can be made for families who wish to train together or juniors who show a willingness and maturity at the instructors discretion). In fact we actively encourage parents to join in with their children and have many family groups that regularly train together.

-- Where Does The Training Take Place? --

Seaford Karate Club trains at the Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford, East Sussex. This can be found on the main coast road, the A259, half a mile east of Seaford town centre in the direction of Eastbourne.
In the winter on Monday nights the session is held in the main sports hall and Wednesday nights in the Sutton hall. In the summer all sessions are held in the bowls hall.

-- When Do You Train? --

Every Monday and Wednesday night.
Novice Children (White, Red and Yellow belts) 6:30pm to 7:15pm
Advanced Children (Green, Purple and Brown belts) 7:15pm to 8:00pm
Adults (All Grades) 8:00pm to 9:30pm
We often train on Friday nights for an hour, usually in the weeks leading up to a panel grading or competitions. These will be confirmed at the time.

-- How Much Does It Cost? --

Training Fees -

First night free!
Juniors (under 16yrs) : £3.00 per session.
Seniors : £4.00 per session.
Club Membership Fee : £10.00 per year.

After a little while, if you find you are enjoying your time with us, you will need to obtain a Karate license, Club Membership, a Karate suite and some sparring mitts. These can be bought through the club. For more information about prices please ask an instructor.

-- How Can Karate Help Me? --

Karate will increase your fitness, flexibility, discipline, awareness and confidence. Karate can be used as self-defense BUT only as a last resort.

-- Who Are The Instructors? --

Sensei Martin Dean 5th Dan is the club's main instructor. He is ably assisted each night by several other Dan grades (black belts) and Sempai's (senior graded pupils). For more information about the instructors please follow this link 'HERE' or click the link in the main navigation.

-- What Style Of Karate Do You Teach? --

Karate at the Seaford Club is based on the original Japanese style of Shotokan. This style is renowned for it's grace, power and speed. Many styles of Karate excel in at least one of these attributes but few mix all so well.
This style was originally created by Master Gichin Funakoshi, regarded by many as the father of modern Karate. Sensei Martin Dean and many of the club's senior members often train under Shihan K. Funakoshi 9th Dan, a direct descendant of Gichin Funakoshi and world chief instructor of FSKA.
Seaford Karate Club is a member of the Amateur Shotokan Karate Association (ASKA). For more information about ASKA please click 'HERE'.

-- How Do I Earn A Belt? --

Karate kick logoTo obtain a coloured belt in Karate you must take a grading. These are evenings at the club where you will be tested on your ability to perform a set syllabus of Karate techniques. These become progressively more difficult the higher the grade. There are 9 Kyu grades before black belt(1st Dan)starting at 9th Kyu. There is a minimum period of 4 months between Kyu gradings up to 3rd Kyu then 6 months between up to 1st Dan. 1st Kyu and Black Belt gradings are taken in front of a panel of top instructors from ASKA at different clubs from around the country. So in theory you could be a black belt within four years of starting but in reality most do it in four and a half to five and a half years with plenty of out of hours training and weekend courses!
You are not required to take a grading but you will be encouraged too as we know this will enhance your Karate experience.

-- I Have Trained At Another Club Previously, Can I Keep My Current Grade? --

This will depend on many factors including, proof of grade, how closely your previous style of Karate integrates with ours and how long it takes you to learn any different aspects of our style. Each applicant will be accessed on his/her own merits and at the instructors discretion.

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