Amateur Shotokan Karate Association

-- Profile of A.S.K.A. --

Sensei Jack WarnerA.S.K.A. was founded in 1974 with three senior instructors formerly from the British Karate Association (BKA) and the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB).

Sensei Jack Warner, Balwant Singh Sahans and Dan Bradley were originally responsible for creating A.S.K.A., an association that was non-profit making and only concentrated on improving the standards of Shotokan karate.

The grading syllabus that we follow is that set out by Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa when he first came to England and stayed at Sensei Jack Warner's home back in 1965. Sensei Warner has been an active karateka ever since and is currently A.S.K.A. President.

Sensei Colin HexleySensei Hexley 5th Dan is the A.S.K.A. Chief Instructor and is responsible for standardizing karate within our association as well as qualifying the senior instructors as EKGB Coaches. Sensei Hexley oversees all the panel gradings, and as Team Coach he supervises the training sessions prior to major competitions. Sensei Hexley teaches at North Birmingham Karate Club in the West Midlands.

Sensei Ben Brown 5th Dan teaches at Loscoe Karate Club in the East Midlands. Sensei Brown is the association's chief referee and holds the qualification of EKGB A* Referee. He regularly referees at E.K.G.B. and B.K.F. events as well as international and world championships.

Sensei Mick Davis 5th Dan teaches at Sneyd Karate Club in the West Midlands. Sensei Davis is an experienced coach who sits on the executive grading panel.

Sensei Martin Dean 4th Dan teaches at Seaford Karate Club overseeing karate on the south coast and is the A.S.K.A. publicity officer.

Dave Martin is the association secretary and does a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the association on an even keel.

Dave Robinson 3rd Dan (Sneyd) is the A.S.K.A. treasurer & Grading registrar and also an EKGB judge.

Ralph Broughton teaches at Castle Donnington in the East Midlands and is the A.S.K.A. Licencing Officer.

A.S.K.A. hold regular courses, gradings and competitions around the country, open to all A.S.K.A. members who are registered with the England Karate Federation. Occasionally international events are organised for the top karateka to represent their association abroad. Over the years these international events have included Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Iceland, Malta, Jersey, Estonia, Portugal, France and the USA.

-- Association highlights --

During the 1980's A.S.K.A. were a dominant force in English Karate. In Kata Tom Martin and Colin Hexley won medals in individual and team events at Senior English level, while Asha Phillips led the A.S.K.A. men's team over many years taking medals at senior championships, and he even received recognition from Ticky Donovan (England Manager) for his services to Karate.

At European level Colin Hexley took a bronze in the E.K.U. Junior Kumite and Navprit Jaloohan won two E.K.U. European Gold medals at Cadet level and a E.K.U. Junior kumite bronze.

In 2000, the A.S.K.A. National team went out to Portugal to compete in the F.S.K.A. World Championships and went on to win the Team Kumite Gold medal defeating teams from Romania, U.S.A., France and Portugal in front of Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi 9th Dan.

Two years later a squad of eight competitors went to compete in Las Vegas at the IV F.S.K.A. World Championships and returned home with 3 Gold medals, 2 silver and a bronze in the individual events and 2 silver medals in the team events.

At E.K.G.B. National level the association has taken many individual and team medals at children and senior levels. Most recently Jodie Nesbitt won gold in the children's kata event, while Colin Simmonds won the senior -60Kg kumite category for a second time.

-- Profile of Seaford Karate Club --

Seaford Karate Club have been members of The Amateur Shotokan Karate Association (A.S.K.A.) since the doors to the Dojo first opened back in 1978 under the instruction of Sensei Steve Earl (then 1st Dan).

Since then the club has moved into the Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford and training takes place twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 9.00pm (Juniors 6.00-7.15, Seniors 7.15-9.00). The club has produced 32 black belts, dozens of National Champions, six international competitors, and two World Champions.

Sensei Earl, 5th Dan, left Seaford Karate Club in 1999 to live in California, U.S.A. and Sensei Martin Dean was appointed as club instructor. Sensei Dean 4th Dan is still teaching and training at Seaford with over 20 years of experience behind him.

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